Pratique Inclusive

supporting health professionals in creating a weight-inclusive practice

We believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We believe that all healthcare professionals (and their clients) would benefit from adopting a weight-inclusive approach.

We believe in equity, justice, compassion and kindness.

An online course made BY health professionals, FOR health professionals

This course may be for you if 

  • You do not feel well equipped to support clients who are concerned about their weight and body image. 
  • You have heard about intuitive eating and the weight-inclusive approach and want to more deeply understand them. 
  • You know that diets and food restriction do not work long term but you aren’t sure of the alternatives. 
  • You are wondering how to have a weight-inclusive practice that takes into consideration medical conditions and the biomechanical functioning of the body. 

This course aims to :

Support your discovery or deepen your knowledge of the weight-inclusive approach through an intersectional lens and intuitive eating.

Explain, in depth, the science based evidence of the weight-inclusive approach.

Help you apply your learning in concrete ways that can be applied immediately to your health practice, regardless of your profession or experience. 


Integrate a weight-inclusive approach into your health practice 

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The PRATIQUE INCLUSIVE course includes :


5 x 2hr live sessions, that include a Q&A  



Access to the presentation slides and bonus material


Access to the recorded sessions and platform for 3 months

An online community of supportive peers



(Bonus : an added value of 75$):

  • A bank of key scientific articles
  • List of additional community resources
  • Cheat sheets and turnkey tools
  • Teaching documents you can use in your practice

Themes Addressed in the Training

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A detailed syllabus will be posted soon!


Taking care of Ourselves, both as professionals and as humans
  • Acceptance of the path to being a professional (compassion, compassion and compassion)
  • Recognition of our privileges, biases and prejudices based on identity and lived experience
  • Taking care of yourself in order to take care of others
  • The importance of interdisciplinarity work and the different fields of expertise
Weight science
  • Understanding the determinants of weight and normal fluctuations
  • Demystifying BMI
  • Discussion of the evidence demonstrating the ineffectiveness of diets
DIet culture and systems of oppression
  • What is diet culture and the wellness diet
  • What is anti-fat bias (fatphobia) and its consequences and repercussions
  • Recognition of multiple systems of oppression and intersectionality
The weight inclusive Approach
  • How this approach encourages a practice that is free of anti-fat bias, anti-diet, weight inclusive and pro-health
  • Recognition of the origins of HAES® and the limits of this approach
  • Discussion of the scienced based evidence and results of this approach to interventions 
  • Debunking popular beliefs
  • Practical integration of a weight-inclusive approach with clients
intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach
  • Recognition of the origins and evolution of the approach according to Tribole & Resch
  • Presentation of the scientific literature
  • Discussion of the nuances and limitations of the approach
  • How to apply the 10 principles concretely in your practice
concrete Applications and common challenges
  • Interdisciplinary models, theories and intervention strategies
  • Integrating self-compassion and mindfulness
  • Supporting clients in ambivalence
  • When health team members differ in their approach to wellbeing

Your Investment

Early bird pricing: (11th of July – 19th of September 2024): $499 CAD (or 2 installments of $249.50 CAD) 

Regular price: (20th of September – 17th of October 2024) : $575 CAD (or 2 installments of $287.50 CAD) 

Student price: $250 CAD (full-time student)

Group price (5 health care professionals or more): $400 per person (please contact us at

Alumni: if you have already taken our training, we welcome you to join this live cohort for less: $150

Equity pricing : access to quality information for all is important to us and we offer some equity priced spots for people with one or more marginalized and economically disadvantaged identity. Please click here to fill out an application and to verify your eligibility. 

*all prices are non-taxable at the moment

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Integrate a weight-inclusive approach into your health practice

Join our wait list for the Pratique Inclusive online course. While waiting for the doors to open in July 2024, sign up to receive information regarding promotions, support groups, new webinars, resources and other offers.

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About the founders

We will be your guides on this learning journey

We are 3 registered dietitians who work in private practice who have integrated a weight-inclusive practice into our work for many years. We understand the discomfort and questions that can come about when learning this approach because we have lived them! 

We have combined our knowledge and experience to offer you this comprehensive training of the basics of the weight inclusive approach that we would have loved to have when we started our learning journeys. 

Julia Lévy-Ndejuru RD, M.Sc., Ph.D (c)

Julia is a dietitian, PhD candidate, and author. She has spent the past several years advocating for a weight-inclusive approach to health and nutrition. Her work spans various sectors, including media, clinical practice, and academia. Julia’s research interests include weight science, anti-fat bias and approaches that help develop a healthy relationship with food in diverse populations. In October 2023, she and Marilou co-authored the book Au-delà de la grossophobie: redéfinir son bien-être et habiter son corps. This work is a resource for anyone wishing to better understand and mend their relationship with their body and food.




Marilou Morin RD

Marilou pratique en tant que nutritionniste-diététiste depuis 2011 (graduée de l’université McGill) en pratique privée et dans le réseau public où elle a touché à diverses clientèles. Sa préoccupation profonde de ne pas causer de tort l’a amenée à diriger sa formation continue vers les troubles des conduites alimentaires et désordres alimentaires, la stigmatisation à l’égard du poids, l’image corporelle et les traumatismes. Elle est d’ailleurs une des premières Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor au Québec. Son approche se veut bienveillante, sans jugement, inclusive à l’égard du poids. Elle est sensible aux traumatismes, aux expériences vécues, aux injustices sociales et à l’oppression systémique. En plus de sa pratique privée, Marilou propose un programme avec soutien et des mini-cours en ligne pour la clientèle dans le processus d’alimentation intuitive, entretient un blogue et fait rayonner l’approche anti-régime dans les réseaux sociaux et dans les médias.




Lisa Rutledge RD

After graduating from McGill University in 2005, Lisa realized that, while she knew about science and biology, the experience and wisdom of clients is just as important in building a strategy towards greater wellbeing. She is eternally grateful for stumbling into the world of weight-inclusive care and anti-diet nutrition support which changed her career path in an amazing way. For the past decade, Lisa’s focus as been on supporting teens and adults with disordered eating and eating disorders while striving to be neurodivergent and LGBTQ affirming. Lisa believes strongly in a weight-inclusive approach for all and supports clients in her private practice, in workshops and conferences. She has shared her knowledge both in her own blog and in the media (Huffington Post Canada, CJAD and CBC).

She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and enjoys spending time with her kids and a good book.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Send us an email.

when will the course take place?

The course will include 5 live sessions in 2024 that will take place on October 24th & 31st, November 7th, 14th and 21st.

You will have access to the recorded sessions for 3 months after the last session. 

You can sign up for the course now until October 17th, 2024.



The regular price is : $575 CAD*

The student price is : $250 CAD*

Group pricing (5 people +) : $400 CAD per person (to take advantage of this rate, write to us at

N.B. : some employers have reimbursed this training in the past. Don’t hesitate to ask your employer!


Access to quality information for everyone is important to us, we offer a few spots for equity pricing for people who otherwise would not be able to pay the full cost of the training. Please click here to fill out an application and to verify your eligibility.


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*our trainings are currently exempt from sales tax.




Whether you are a nurse, kinesiologist, doctor, pharmacist, psychologist, psychoeducator, psychiatrist, social worker, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, osteopath, midwife, dentist or other professional working in health, thank you for your interest in an inclusive practice for the well-being of your clients.

The content of our training was created in collaboration with various professionals in order to make it accessible to everyone.

Wherever you are in the world, this training will allow you to integrate a weight-inclusive approach into your practice.


Does THIS TRAINING offer CONTINUING education credits? (CED)?

The course offers ten (10) hours of continuing education.

A certificate of participation is available at the end of the training. It is your responsibility to download it and submit it to to your professional College for verification that it complies to the specific regulations of your regulatory body.  

We do not know the regulations for all professionals in all Canadian provinces and other countries. It is your responsibility to check the eligibility of the training within your professional order.

I do not work in private practice. Does the information in the course apply to me?

Absolutely! A weight inclusive practice can be used in all environments and with all types of clients.

It goes without saying that you must use your clinical judgement to decide if this training is right for you.

I question the VALIDITY OF THE weight inclusive APPROACH. Is it BASED ON scientific EVIDENCE?

Scientific rigor was used to present the the scientific literature that is available. You also have access to the complete bibliography of the literature used to create this training.

We understand that this paradigm can feel confronting, especially if you have history with a weight-focused healthcare. It is important to use that we listen to any questions you may have without judgment, with openness, curiosity and respect  and answer them to the best of our knowledge. We expect reciprocity with these intentions.


Still have questions? 

Email us! It is our pleasure to answer any questions you may have

What is Pratique Inclusive?

The creation of Practique Inclusive began with a desire to share our knowledge and experience, without pretension, to offer the training that we would have liked to follow when we started to practice in a weight inclusive way. The intention is to bring everything together in one place to give you a complete experience. Practique Inclusive represents weight inclusive practices, but we also stand for inclusiveness in general. This includes race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identy, ability, neuro divergence, religion, trauma, lived experience are all to be taken into consideration in our practice.

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